At present we have 30 hour and 8 day longcase and Ogee clocks awaiting renovation along with Drop Dials, ‘School’ clocks and German Wall clocks from 18” to 30”.

We have also recently acquired some 3’ and 4’ Vienna Regulators which require remedial work to the cases - these are on our walls at the moment, so let us know if you are interested!

As for mantle clocks … one day we hope to catch up!

Our main interest lies in early Longcase movements, along with the many different makes, types and developments of the American style clocks,  from the primitive early Jerome to the later more sophisticated European versions.

Nearly all the clocks we work with are pre-1900, and although the American brass movement powered the first mass produces clocks, all were made by hand, and so no two are ever quite the same to work on. Longcase clocks have always been a luxury, and manufacturers prided themselves on their own individual designs.

Stock will be listed with prices as it becomes available, but most of our work is sourcing / restoring to customer’s requests

Smithdale’s aim is to find neglected, damaged and unloved timepieces and bring them back to working condition as they should be - not as they originally were.  As heritage craftsmen we believe that changes, repairs and modifications are as important a part of the history as was the original condition.  There are many immaculately restored clocks in the world for tens of thousands of pounds, we want to provide pieces for ordinary people to use, value and enjoy at a price we all can afford.

We are able to carry out a wide range of repairs to movements in house as well - a simple pivot replacement.

At the moment we are clearing out the workshop clock store so we can get a new showroom set up (ironically exactly where Ken had his showroom thirty years ago!).

There are a lot of clocks, projects and parts to be had and they are mostly going on e-Bay.

Take a look at what we currently have listed:

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