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In May 2019 we bought a delightful little oak longcase case from The Old Grey Bustle in Chatteris.  A cross between a Granddaughter (it had a fixed hood) and Grandmother (and doors to full face and body) I became more intrigued when April asked if I was interested in looking at another clock.

Out in the store shed, incorporating many years of dust and cobwebs, was a ‘pile’ of grandfather clock!  The austere, carved black case that seemed to tower above us and the mixture of bits of hood that surrounded it, immediately kindled thoughts of Miss Haversham - and the realisation that we had to have this!

Once we had it home, (and christened the Big Black Clock - it’s not black, but Mark insists it ‘felt’ black) we realised this was a big, but not priority job, and thought that the progression of this work might be of interest to others, and so we have decided to record it, stage by stage.

So, over the next few months we will post the work from identification through to a complete working clock on this page in photographs, videos and words.

Watch this space!  [UPDATE: Two years later and we still haven’t found time to start on it!!]