Longcase Clocks.

Longcase clocks are floor standing and come in three general types and sizes.  

Those we work with are of solid wood construction and generally finished in oak, mahogany, walnut or pine.

There don’t appear to be any formal definitions so we use the following guides:

1 - Grandfather.

The tallest, usually in the region of 80” - 84”.

We work mostly with the traditional “billet” style movements which have single bell chimes equating to the hours, and long pendulums of around 38” - 40”.  More sophisticated movements have multiple bells, chimes or musical boxes.

The hoods are removable, with a framed glass door to give access to the dial, and in the bodies, a door to give access to the pendulum, normally of solid wood but sometimes part or fully glazed.

2 - Grandmother.

The same construction and proportions as the Grandfather, only shorter in the body, usually standing around 68” - 74”.

The movements tend to be proportionately lighter, and more frequently have half hour chimes or full Westminster style 5 or 8 gong ¼ hour reports.

3 - Granddaughter.

Usually standing in the region of 50” - 54”, these are effectively a mantle clock stood, often as a separate unit, on top of an un-opening column case.

With mantle type balance wheel or short pendulum movements, they can range from no chime to full Westminster style.

Longcase Stock

These are the Longcase clocks waiting for, or currently undergoing restoration.

Once restored, they will be listed with full details and prices, but in the meantime, if any are of interest to you please drop us a line for further information.

Longcase clocks in ‘as seen’ and finished forms start from around £250

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