Smithdale Millwrighting Ltd is owned and run by the Abel family from Norfolk. As Millwrights we specialise in all aspects of the maintenance and repair of water and wind mills in East Anglia.

Smithdale Restoration allows us to bring clocks and furniture back to working life, and to use our crafts and skills to design and form new - and sometimes quirky! - bespoke and inspired creations and solutions.

Clocks Millwrighting

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Smithdale Millwrighting SmithdaleRestoration

Wind and Water Mill maintenance & Repair

Stone Dressing & Milling Machinery

Flour processing Equipment

Retail Flour Production & Training

New Life for Clocks & Furniture

Carpentry, Fabrication, Smithing & Engineering

Bespoke Furniture, Fittings & Equipment

Window, Door & Structural Repairs